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Capital Hip Hop Soul: DJ Monty withThe Dope Sound (@DJMontySound)

Today starts our blog series "Capital Hip Hop Soul" which will feature profiles on some of the music makers in the Nation's Capital and surrounding area who you need to know about. Find out what makes indie artists keep on keeping on. Be inspired. And, most importantly, stay unboxed!

DJ Monty with The Dope Sound

DC is not short of DJ's-- it seems like today every body and their mama is claiming they are a DJ nowadays if they can put together a playlist. So, when we come across an actual mix artist, one who can work the turntables, produce music-- not just play it-- and come correct with a well-rounded music knowledge base, it is certainly cause to pay attention and pick up some pointers.

Enter: DJ Monty with the dope sound.

DJ Monty is the loyal DJ of hip-hop's rapping every-woman, Princess of Controversy, accompanying her on shows and producing the soundtrack to her past plays AlphaB*tch and Breakthrough. He is also a blogger and mix-maker in his own name, dj'ing for events throughout the DC metro area. We love DJ Monty for being the only DJ to donate his own mixtapes to our cause last year for our To Haiti, With Love event raising funds to send to Haiti. Liberated Muse caught up with DJ Monty to kick off our inaugural Capital Hip Hop Soul Series.

Liberated Muse: What style of music do you most enjoy to include in your mixes?

DJ Monty: House music because you never have to worry about the pace of the music slowing down at the party. Ninety-percent of the time when people are dancing and having a good time, it's because the music is fast, rhythmic,and innovative.

Liberated Muse: What feeling do you want to invoke in your listeners when you create your music ?

DJ Monty: A feeling of uniqueness...I want listeners to understand the signature sound of who I am and to know that it cannot be duplicated or imitated.

Liberated Muse: If you couldn't produce music tomorrow and you had to change careers, what would you turn your efforts toward?

DJ Monty: Wow!!!That's a really thought provoking question....I would most definitely turn my efforts toward the culinary arts because I have deep passion for food and crafting personal tastes for each dish I create.I would master every selection I cook and bake and make it my own. Just like with dee-jaying and music production you have to use many styles to find your own flavor.

Liberated Muse: Name three artists you would love to work with and tell us why.

DJ Monty: First, Marsha Ambrosius because she has a signature style unlike any other singer in the world. Her voice is very opera-like and her ability to switch ranges at her leisure is awe inspiring. I have been a fan of her since the beginning of her career and I am really really looking forward to her solo debut album later this year.

Second is Quincy Jones because he has had the ability spread his mastering of sound over decades of music. He has crafted the music of artists such as Michael Jackson, Tamia, Frank Sinatra, and Ray Charles. He is truly a guru and I would love to be his student.

Last is John P. Kee because of the richness and vibrato of his voice. I grew up listening to his music and I have got to say that he is really really underrated. He has set the tone of what contemporary gospel music should sound like. If you are not familiar with his music you need to get familiar and "google" his name asap!

Liberated Muse: How do you think music can change the world for the better?

DJ Monty: I think music can change the world by the breaking down racial barriers in the world. I believe that there have been plenty of examples in the past where this has been done. All it takes is a song to resonate and relate humanity's personal experiences all over the globe and that within itself inspires change.

Liberated Muse: Tell us something that probably few people know about you.

DJ Monty: I still use my library card to check out books.


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