Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Night Catches Us In Theaters Now

The new movie "Night Catches Us", written by Tanya Hamilton, is set in 1970s Philadelphia. Writer Tanya Hamilton said she wanted to make a movie that was "doggedley African-American" and from the trailer and clips below, she has confidently succeeded, featuring a period of African-American history that is hardly ever seen focused on the Black Panther movement. The plot centers around a romance and coming-home story. After years away, an ex-black panther returns to his old neighborhood only to find himself drawn right back into the rivalries and love affair he left behind. The movie stars Anthony Mackie and Kerry Washington and music by the hip-hop group The Roots.

Night Catches Us
Written and Directed by Tanya Hamilton
Starring Anthony Mackie, Kerry Washington, Wendell Pierce, Jamie Hector
Running time: 90 minutes
Rated R for language, some sexuality and violence.
Opened this month at West End Cinema.

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