Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Let's Play Your Music-- Singers, Rappers, Spoken Word Artists, We're Talking to You

A message to all members of Liberated Muse

Serena Wills, poet

Musicians, Singers, Rappers, Poets--

Do you have a Reverbnation Music Player? If so, we would love to feature your music on our main page. Here's what you do-- let us know you are interested in having your music featured on the main page by:

(1) Pasting your music player's embed code in our comment section HERE, making sure that it is NOT on automatic play when you copy and paste and

(2) Adding a mini bio about who you are and your work-- no longer than five sentences and

that's it!

Mahoganee, Singer

If you aren't a singer/musician, etc. but have an artist in mind who is part of our community and who you would like us to feature on the main page and they have a Reverbnation music widget, follow the steps above! Only Liberated Muse members or former performers in the Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest will be considered.

Becoming a member is easy, just create a FREE profile today.

(Photos above of Liberated Muse members Serena Wills, poet & Mahoganee, singer-- both performing at the 2010 RWA Author's Pavillion in Richmond, VA, produced by the Readers With Attitude book club & co-sponsored by Liberated Muse)

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