Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Artists Transforming Places Into Art Space: Meet Harmony Muzik

Harmony Muzik
By Lauren M. Williams

This Motown bred "urban pop" princess is ready to take the music industry by storm by removing the masks and welcoming all to the party... the Masquerade Party!

Harmony Muzik released her first LP The Masquerade last month. The album, featuring 12 original tracks, addresses the state of the music industry. She says she didn't try to get "too deep" and attempt to be a conscious artist, rather, she just explored herself. Being a 26-year-old focused on networking in hopes of getting her work in the "right hands," the topics discussed on the album include relationships, and the struggles of being an up-and-coming artist. 

The title track's hook reiterates "Hip-hop is a masquerade," and Muzik wants everyone to forget the roles they've been assigned and just be ourselves enjoying the party we call life. 

Heavily influenced by Missy Elliot's ability to wear multiple hats in the industry, the full time singer describes her music as "urban pop." She says, "It's Soul, a little Pop, a little Rock, and Hip-Hop. It's like Lady Gaga mixed with Rihanna produced by Missy Elliot." This sound is well received in the metropolitan area; Harmony Muzik won the title of "Best R&B in Virginia" at the 2010 DMV Music Awards. As a child she was drawn to the guitar, piano, and violin. "It's a calling," declares Muzik.  As a performer, she takes pride in connecting with her audience, not just on stage, but off. She arrives at her venue, which is typically a night club or lounge, early enough to mingle with the crowd handing out flyers and sample CD's "to break down the idea of 'image.'" On stage, she continues to be as friendly and personable by cracking a joke, or not letting a clumsy moment ruin her entire performance. 

Muzik moved to Virginia in 2007, while active as Corporal in the Marine Corps, to attend  the University of Mary Washington part-time where she's finishing up her last semester studying Journalism and History. With these degrees, she wants to teach or go into historic preservations.

In 10 years, Muzik sees herself in a position to mold new artists and in a studio producing. Muzik wants it to be known, "I have a good direction of where I want to go."

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