Friday, April 9, 2010

Liberated Muse Supports Upcoming Hip Hop Soul Event on April 23

There is immense talent in the Washington DC area and Liberated Muse Productions will supporting an upcoming concert featuring some of that talent in an upcoming concert featuring hip hop soul artists RatheMC, Amber Mimz and Ihsan Bilal.

While we aren't familiar with the work of Ihsan Bilal, RatheMC and Amber Mimz have been mentioned on this blog before for their show-stopping work that has gained attention not just in DC but all along our east coast. Both women have performed with other stellar indie artists as they make their names known as not only commendable performers but liberated muses definitely on their grind.

(In photo: Amber Mimz)
We mentioned Amber Mimz earlier this year when she debuted her video "Dutch Master". You can check it out on our website at

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