Friday, March 12, 2010

This Weekend, Lots to Do in DC

There is so much to do this weekend in the DC metro area. You can visit our site at to see some of the events our members have posted. Here are some of the things we are going to try and check out this weekend.

We told you about the new play Breakthrough earlier this week. Be the first to check out this new play by Liberated Muse member Princess of Controversy (PoC) at the Capital Hill Arts Workshop in Washington, DC. Issues such as racism, classism, separatism, sexism, religion & spiritual divide rear their head in this production written and produced by PoC and her art company ArtSperts. Tickets start at $12. Read here for more info.

If you listen to the Michael Baisden show, you may have heard of Dr. Baruch Ben-Yehudah. Dr. Baruch began his tenure as a featured health expert on the ABC syndicated Michael Baisden show with his "Your Body is Your Temple" which reaches 13 million plus people on a daily basis and today he remains a constant "force" on the show. A dynamic motivational speaker with a focus on health and well being, a health consultant and advisor to many people in the business industry, churches and government, author of pamphlets and books, relationship counselor, a TV and radio personality and the Health Committee Chairman of several community action organizations including the NAACP, Dr. Baruch is a self-professed master in his field.

On Saturday, Dr. Baruch will be in Capitol Heights, Maryland at the Everlasting Life restaurant and holistic store to talk about how African-Americans are fast-becoming the most unhealthy group of people because of diet choices. Visit HERE for details. Tickets $20.

(In photo: Singer Ne'a Posey portrays singer Bessie Smith at the 2009 When Harlem Came to Paris event. This year, she portrays Ma Rainey. Photo by Khadijah Ali-Coleman)

The When Harlem Came to Paris Saturday Brunch is this weekend, and boy, we can't wait. We raved about this event HERE and are excited about it's preface to the official When Harlem Came to Paris event which will follow. WHCTP is a whirlwind affair where you attend an evening event dressed in 20's fashions enjoying the company of some of the more notable and not so known characters of the legendary Harlem Renaissance. The event takes place at L'Alliance de Francaise which is located at Embassy Row in Washington DC and creates an experience of being among the staple artists of the Harlem Renaissance while on vacation in Paris.

Visit the website HERE for time and details.

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