Thursday, January 14, 2010

"To Haiti, With Love" Benefit Concert Seeks Acts

Liberated Muse will be having a benefit concert for the crisis in Haiti on Friday, Feb. 12 at the Potter's House in Adams Morgan in DC as part of the Potter's House Sounds of Hope series. All proceeds will support Wyclef Jean's nonprofit YeleHaiti at which is providing on the ground support. Special thanks to all of you members who emailed me to see if was going to do something to support the nation of Haiti, hopefully this event is worthy of your participation.

The fundraiser will be held on the Friday preceding Valentine's Day and entitled "To Haiti, With Love". If you are a performance artist (singer, poet, musician, live visual artist, etc.) who would like to perform in this benefit concert, message us through or email us Our hope is that the people of Haiti will get the assistance they need for as long as it takes. A month from now, will folks still be talking about ways to help Haiti? We will, because we will be doing it. Contact us today if you are interested in performing. We ask that performers meet these guidelines:

1) Have live accompaniment if you are a singer. We prefer live instrumentation to track. If you are interested in performing but not connected to a live musician, let us know and we will connect you to artists on the site who are musicians.

2)We would like performers to be able to perform a 15 minute set (approximately 3 songs). We LOVE original music, but, we ask that one of those songs be your own remake of a song that audience members know if they aren't familiar with your music yet. The weekend of Feb. 12 is Valentine's Day as well, so if its a valentine's day appropriate song, all the better.

3) If you have never performed in a Liberated Muse production before, please make sure your page on is uploaded with a link to your music, video, etc. that we can use to determine your sound and appropriateness for this show.

We would like to have a roster of acts determined no later than Jan. 20 so we can begin with promoting the show. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us a message.

Together, we can make a difference.

In peace,


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