Friday, November 6, 2009

H Street Main Street: From Vision to Reality

H Street Main Street From Vision to Reality Public History Project

H Street Northeast is one of the fastest developing commercialcorridors in the District of Columbia. An affiliate of the NationalTrust for Historic Preservation and a certified member of the NationalMain Street Program. We are built around the power of organizationsand volunteers working together.

A shopping hot spot for many of America’s working class for yearsbefore and after the 1968 riots. H Street Main Street seeks toacknowledge the legacy and heritage of a community undergoing urbanrenewal and capture the stories behind the cultural and historicalassets of the one-and-a-half mile commercial corridor, giving thestreet many of it’s unique character and traditions from the 1900’sand beyond.

Input from individuals in the communityis being sought to develop a time line and tapestry of influential people, places, businesses andevents in and around H Street Northeast. They are also in need ofvolunteers- writers, researchers, interviewers, photographers, and you!

Come out on Saturday, November 7 from 11:00 AM -12:30 PM at the MartinLuther King Jr. Library, 901 G Street NW, (Gallery Place Metro) RoomA-5 for an informational session about the project and how you can getinvolved.

For additional information about sponsorship and other details, please
contact T. Isler, Project Director at (202) 250-0466

This project is sponsored in part by H Street Main Street, the DC Humanities Council and the Capitol Hill Community Foundation.

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