Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Washington DC's Own Kokayi Garners Grammy Nominations for Hip-Hop Album

Fresh off the presses from Kokayi's PR person---

KOKAYI aka Carl Walker has made it through the first round of nominations of the 51st Grammy Award Nominatons.

KOKAYI's work was carefully considered and chosen by by voting Grammy Board members among the massive wave of submissions from both major and independent artists.

"I don't consider myself a fringe artist," Kokayi writes on his MySpace blog, "just somebody trying to push the envelope and pay homage to the founding principle of Hip Hop…innovation. Shouts to my fellow folks that got a nod here and there: Roddy Rod, Kev Brown, Substantial, Soulstice, Musinah, Wayna, Kaimbr, Oddisee, Matt Shell and Wale."

This first round put's KOKAYI's work in place to be considered for Final nominations at this years 51st Grammy Awards. Visit his Myspace page at www.myspace.com/kokayi as he shares more about this honor.

KOKAYI made it through the first round in the following categories:

Best new artist-KokayiCategory 4- # 205
Best rap album-Mass Instructions Category 35 #038
Best rap song -Babylon Hey Nah Category 34 #006

Best rap solo performance-Knowus Mayne-kokayiCategory 31. #026.

Best urban alternative performance-Babylon (hey nah) kokayiCategory 27 #011

Liberated Muse Productions congratulates Kokayi on this feat and wishes him much success!

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